One of the greatest strengths of the United States of America is its commitment to providing free education for all of its citizens. This has contributed to making our country the strongest nation in the world, but there are limits to what the United States and local governments can do.

Though California has been the leader in proving low-cost higher education, with both state and private universities offering a wide range of higher education, the state cannot support degree programs with low enrollments: when enrollment drops in a particular segment, courses in that segment are dropped and new faculty is not recruited.
Private institutions like the Irvine Institute of Technology are able to offer additional programs that may otherwise be unavailable, such as specialized graduate and undergraduate degree programs in areas related to advanced theory and professional practice, which are taught by practicing professionals.
The Irvine Institute of Technology also plans to offer public service programs for the general public of Orange County that are designed to increase levels of understanding and awareness; some areas covered may include US and World history and civilization, US public policies, the history of Orange County and the state of California, scientific advances and achievements, transportation, health, and other public issues.