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Beginning Fall 2018, 84 hour PE (Civil) seminar is no longer offered ‘live’ in Irvine. The recorded seminars are now offered On-Line, 24/7 in 11 Modules.  Each module contains a prerecorded lecture(s) of 6/12 Hours. A manual(s) of the material being covered is offered for purchase. One may sign up for as many modules as per their needs. Even if you did not cover a subject in your studies, it is recommended that you study all subjects to pass the exam the first time you take it. Failing the exam is a very big nuisance, since it will cost you not only time, but also several hundred dollars of repeat exam fees. All seminars are broadcast with instructors on-site and lecture pages displayed on the computer screen. These seminars are recorded and archived through Adobe Connect. After registration, you will be assigned an Adobe Connect account which you can use to watch the video recordings at your own leisure. Lecture recordings will expire 6 months after registration. If you have any further questions about our seminars please contact us at or at (949) 585-9137.

I. PECV STAN Exam Overview – Structural Analysis 6 C.V. Chelapati, Ph.D., P.E. President and Professor, Irvine Institute of Technology Youtube Intro Video: Free
Lecture: $95.00
Manual: $55.00
II. PECV STCON Structural Design – Concrete 6 Bahram Zarin-Afsar, MSSE, M.ARCH, AIA, P.E., M.ASCE President, Zarin-Afsar & Assoc. Inc. Youtube Intro Video: Free
Lecture: $95.00
Manual: $70.00
III. PECV STSTL Structural Design – Steel 6 Richard Drake, M.S., S.E. Senior Fellow, Fluor Corporation, Aliso Viejo Youtube Intro Video: Free
Lecture: $95.00
Loose Leaf – Manual: $35.00
IV. PECV STMT Structural Design – Masonry 3 Chukwuma Ekwueme, Ph.D., S.E. Principal, Thornton Tomasetti Youtube Intro Video: Free
Structural Design – Timber 3 Doug Thompson, B.S. S.E. Exec. Vice President, STB Struc. Engrs, Lake Forest Lecture: $95.00
Manual: $80.00
V. PECV GEO Geotechnical Engineering 6 Marshall Lew, Ph.D., G.E. Principal, AMEC, Environment & Infrastructure, Los Angeles Youtube Intro Video: Free
Foundations 6 Lecture: $190.00
Manual: $115.00
VI. PECV TRN Transportation I – Highway Design 6 Khan Hossain, M.S., P.E. Design Manager, CALTRANS, Los Angeles Youtube Intro Video: Free
Transportation II – Highway Traffic 6 Patrick Gibson, M.S., P.E. President, Gibson Transp. Consulting. Los Angeles Lecture: $190.00
Manual: $120.00
VII. PECV HYDRA Water Resources I – Hydraulics and Open Channel Flow 6 Bruce Phillips, M.S., P.E. Senior Vice President, PACE, Fountain Valley Youtube Intro Video: Free
Lecture: $95.00
Manual: $85.00
VIII. PECV  HYDRO Water Resources II – Hydrology and Flood Control 6 Iraj Nasseri, Ph.D., P.E. Chief Hydrologist, County of Los Angeles Youtube Intro Video: Free
Lecture: $95.00
Manual: $40.00
IX. PECV WSW Water Resources III – Water Supply and Water Quality 6 Jeff Kuo, Ph.D., P.E. Professor, Civil Engineering, CSUF Youtube Video: Free
Water Resources IV – Wastewater 6 Lecture: $190.00
Manual: $120.00
X. PECV CONS Construction Operations – Planning
Construction Earthwork – Estimating
6 Hakob Avetisyan, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, CSUF Youtube Intro Video: Free
Lecture: $95.00
Manual: $65.00

References – McGrawHill $95.00

XI. PECV CNMEC Concrete Mix Design 3 Boris Stein, D.Sc. Vice President, Twining Labs, Long Beach Youtube Intro Video: Free
Engineering Economics and Health & Safety 3 Girish Roy, M.S., P.E. Deputy Executive Officer, MTA, LA County Lecture: $95.00
Manual: $115.00