NCEES FS – Fundamentals of Surveying – CBT Exam NCEES – PE (Mechanical) NCEES – PE (Electrical)

IIT | NCEES – FS Fundamentals of Surveying – LSIT) CBT Exam – 4 days


Lectures for NCEES – CBT Exam – 9:00 am-12 Noon – 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Registration fees $495.00 Guaranteed Pass – Free on line access to videos of lectures for additional review John Pavlik, LS Seminar Coordinator
All Sessions are on weekends from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon and from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. All sessions are live from Irvine and broadcast live nationwide. After the sessions they are available throughout the year 24/7 by remote log-in from any place in USA. The FS and LS programs are offered once a year.
Note: The registrants are responsible to bring to the class items 1 and 2

1. Any calculator approved by NCEES for the FS Exam.

2. Surveyor Reference Manual (5th Edition) or (6th Edition) by George M. Cole from PPI or

Amazon.com for $174.00 (Purchase) or $64.00 (rent)

General Reference – Surveying Tenth Edition Moffitt and Bossler, Addison Wesley Longman, $175.00

This is a CBT exam conducted at local Pearson VUE center, closed book exam, computer with large screen, Formula sheets and TI-30XS Calculators are available on left of side of computer screen. Two parts exam with 50 questions each. Each part 2 hours 40 minutes for a total of 5 hour 20 minutes.

Date Subject Instructor
10/28/2017 Introduction to the exam process
Field Date Acquisition
John Pavlik, P.L.S.
11/4/2017 Plane Survey Calculations
Business Management practices
John Pavlik, P.L.S.
11/11/2017 Cadastral and boundary law

Land planning and development

Specialty Surveying

Tony Cuomo, P.L.S.
11/218/2017 Practice Exam AM (3 hours)

Exam Review

Q & A session PM (3 hours)

John Pavlik, P.L.S.

These exams are now being conducted nationwide by NCEES. These are no longer paper based ‘scantron’ type examinations with open books but these exams are now ‘closed book computer based’ CBT exams administered at Pearson VUE computer centers. Only specific model calculators are allowed to be taken to the exams. If a candidate’s calculator fails during the exam, a TI-30XS computer can be accessed on the computer. No books are allowed to be taken th the exam. The computer has a large screen and on the left side of the screen, NCEES supplied formula pages can be seen. Nothingelse can be taken to the exam room.

As you complete first part of the exam, the answers are graded. After the 20 minute break, the examiner will complete the second part of the exam. The results are sent to you in about a week. These one-day computer-based exams can be scheduled during the first two months of each quarter at a local Pearson VUE center. Each time one sits for the exam, one has to pay $225.00.

The registration fee for the four-day seminar is $425.00. It includes three days of lecture and one day of practice test and solutions to practice test. IIT offers guaranteed pass or repeat free archives for 12 months. Required books are Surveyor Reference Manual, 6th edition, Professional Publications, Inc. Optional books, Surveying Solved Problems for the FS and PS exams and Fundamentals of surveying Practice Exam are from PPI. All registrants must bring their own calculator to all sessions.

So it is very important for the students to prepare absolutely well before taking the exams. NCEES no longer publishes FS – Fundamentals Of Surveying sample tests in a book form. One can see a typical FS exam (no answers) on NCESS website for $45.00. It is extremely important to visit NCEES website for FS and LS exams before taking the exams. In addition to passing NCEES – FS and LS examination, CA residents have to pass, in addition, state administered LS exam before allowed to practice in State of California.

Irvine Institute of Technology
2 Venture, Suite 515, Irvine, CA 92618
Tel 949-585-9137 Fax 949-585-9126 www.irvine-institute.org cvc@irvine-institute.org
PE (Electrical) Power Seminar
30 hours – 5 sessions – Saturdays 9:00 – 12:00 Noon – 1:00-4:00 pm
NCEES Updated Syllabus – Electrical and Computer – Power Exam Specifcations – April 2009
Module I General Power Engineering (GPE) – ?? Questions
Description Hours Fee
Seminar Fees 30 $950
A Measurement and Instrumentation (5 topics) 6
1. Instrument Transformers
2. Wattmeters
3. VOM Meters
4. Insulation Testing
5. Ground Resistance Testing
B Special Applications 8
1. Lightning and Surge Protection
2. Reliability
3. Illumination Engineering
4. Demand and Energy Management/Calculations
5. Engineering Economics
C Codes and Standards 10
1. National Electric Code (NEC)
2. National Electric Safety Code (NESC)
3. Electric Shock and Burns
Questions 24
Module II Circuit Analysis (CA) – ???
A Analysis 9
1. Three Phase Circuit Analysis
2. Symmetrical Components
3. Per Unit Analysis
4. Phasor Diagrams
B Devices and Power Electronic Circuits 7
1. Battery Characteristics and Ratings
2. Power Supplies
3. Relays, Switches and PLC’s
4. Variable-Speed Drives
Questions 16
Module III Rotating Machines and Electromag. Dev. (RM) – ??
A Rotating Machines 10
1. Synchronous Machines
2. Induction Machines
3. Generator/Motor Applications
4. Equivalent Circuits
5. Speed-torque Characteristics
6. Motor Starting
B Electromagnetic Devices 6
1. Transformers
2. Reactors
3. Testing
Questions 16
Module IV Trans. and Dist. (High, Med. & Low Vltg) (TAD) ??
A System Analysis 10
1. Voltage Drop
2. Voltage Regulation
3. Power factor Correction and Voltage Support
4. Power Quality
5. Fault Current Analysis
6. Grounding
7. Transformer Connections
8. Transmission Line Models
B Power system Performance 6
1. Power Flow
2. Load Sharing; Parallel Generators and Transformers
3. Power System Stability
C Protection 8
1. Overcurrent Protection
2. Protective Relaying
3. Protective Devices (e.g. Fuses, Breakers, Reclosures)
4. Coordination
Questions 24
Total Questions 80
PEEE – Power Seminar Schedule – Fall 2010
Date Subject and Description Session From To
15-Jul-17 GPE – 1A – Measurements and Instrumentation – 1 9:00 12 Noon
GPE – 1B – Special Applications – 2 1:00 4:00 PM
22-Jul-17 RM – 3A – Rotating Machines – 3 9:00 12 Noon
RM – 3B – Electromagnetic Devices – 4 1:00 4:00 PM
29-Jul-17 CA – 2A – Analysis – 5 9:00 12 Noon
CA – 2B – Devices and Power Electronic Circuits – 6 1:00 4:00 PM
5-Aug-17 TAD – 4A – System Analysis – 7 9:00 12 Noon
TAD – 4B -Power System Performance – 8 1:00 4:00 PM
12-Aug-17 TAD – 4C – Protection – 9 9:00 12 Noon
GPE – 1C – Codes and Standards 10 1:00 4:00 PM
27-Oct-17 NCEES PEEE (Power) Examination – Friday
Engineering Economics Module
If needed, please access Module 7 PECV for archives on Engineering Economics with PECV Manual – Section 16 – $59.95
Guaranteed Pass
Classes are offered Live, Offsite Live and 24/7 archives – Guaranteed Pass or free archive next time.

Note: Engineering Economics – Be prepared for 3 to 4 problems on this subject. Every point you miss will count against your passing grade. Please take the Econ module ($59.95) if are not upto speed on Econ.

Irvine Institute of Technology, 2 Venture, Suite 515, Irvine, CA 92618 – www.irvine-institute.org – 949-585-9137
C.V. Chelapati, Ph.D., P.E., F. ASCE., President
NCEES PE (Mechanical) License Seminar, once a year – May-July – 6 Saturdays – 9:00am-4:00 pm

Session Date Subject Matter HVACR MSM TFS Instructor
1 20-May-17 Mechanical Systems Breadth Breadth Breadth
2 Materials
27-May-17 Memorial Day – Holiday
3 3-Jun-17 Thermal Systems Breadth Breadth Breadth
4 Fluid Systems
5 10-Jun-17 HVAC and Refrigeration Breadth Breadth Breadth
6 HVAC and Refrigeration
7 17-Jun-17 Mechanical Systems Depth
8 Materials
9 24-Jun-17 Thermal Systems Depth
10 Fluid Systems
1-Jul-17 Independence Day – Holiday
11 8-Jul-17 HVAC and Refrigeration Depth
12 HVAC and Refrigeration
Four Days 2 4 Hours $755.00 $755.00 $755.00 30 hours $925.00 36 hours $1,045

Required Manuals for Seminars
Volume Sections Subject Contributor Price
I 1 Mechanics of Materials C.V. Chelapati, Ph.D., P.E. $89.95
2 Machine Design Dipen Gokhale, M.S., P.E.
3 Fluid Mechanics Bodh Subherwal, M.S., P.E.
4 Heat Transfer Bodh Subherwal, M.S., P.E.
II 5 Dynamics and Vibrations Bruce J. Torby, Ph.D., P.E. $89.95
6 Management of Productions Bodh Subherwal, M.S., P.E.
7 Thermodynamics Ed Miller, D. Engr, P.E.
8 HVAC Systems and Controls Mahinder Sood, Ph.D., P.E.
9 Energy Conversion Systems and Power Plants Feng S. Ku, M.S., P.E.

Total Fees $445.00 for 24 hour seminar, $540.00 for 30 hour semianr and $640.00 for 36 hour seminar. $59.95 for Enginering Economics Archives and Manual. 10% discount for PEDP Books with simultaneous seminar registration
NCEES Fall 2011 Exams – October 28, 2011
Teaching Schedule First Half – 1hr 30 min Theory and problems from Manuals
second half 1 hr 15 min NCEES Problems from Sample Examples
Textbooks PEME Manuals Volumes I PEDP www.irvine-institute.org
PEME Manuals Volumes II PEDP www.irvine-institute.org
PEME Sample Problems and Solutions NCEES order directly from www.ncess.org
Breadth and Depth Areas AM portion of the exams is the breadth portion where all the subects will be covered. The morning problems may be little
easier than the depth area problems. One has to specify one of the three areas as depth area for PM. Depth area problems
will be much harder than the breadth problems. So the minimum number of hours for the seminar is 24 (3 breadth areas 18
hours plus one depth area 6 hours). Dependinng on ones background, onemay add one another detpth area for 30 hours at
$540.00 or take the whole semianr for 36 hours at $640.00
Engineering Economics This is a general subject – There could be 3 to 5 problems on Engineering economics. It is recommended that those who need background on this subject take PE (Civil) Economics Module with a Section 16 manual for $59.95