NCEES – CBT – FE (Mechanical) Exam Seminar Spring 2018

We are no longer offering our seminars on-site. Our seminars are now only being offered as online recordings that you can view at your own leisure. If you have further questions please contact our office at (949) 585-9137 or at cvc@irvine-institute.org.

Irvine Institute of Technology FE (Mechanical) Engineering Exam Seminars


Take seminars for any one day or all eight days as per your needs.

Guaranteed Pass – Study well – Talented Professors, Comprehensive Manuals


Employers now expect engineering students in all fields to pass National ‘Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Examination’ before graduation. These are time sensitive and closed book exams. AM – 3 hour – 55 problems. PM 3 hours – 110 problems. 3.3 minutes/problem. NCEES makes their formula book available on the exam computer and publishes a formula book. The formulas brief and cryptic. Exams are closed book and no books are allowed into the exam cubicle.

The textbooks for the seminar are

  1. NCEES Formula book,
  2. NCEES FE Mechanical Practice Exam and
  3. FE Mechanical License Review Manual by PPI.

All sessions are from 9:00-12:00 Noon and from 1:00-4:00 pm. Live seminars from Irvine are broadcast using ADOBE-Connect and can be accessed live from any place in the country.  IIT guarantees that you will pass (provided you study) the exam or else you can repeat the seminar free within one year! But prepare well and pass the first time you take.

IIT has been offering these seminars since 1972. These seminars can be attended from your home or in person in Irvine. All seminars are recorded using ADOBE Connect and can be reviewed after the seminar as necessary. Please order these books from NCEES and PPI. IIT does not sell PPI or NCEES books. Please mention ‘IIT-Chelapati’ name to PPI to get a discount on the list price of $160.00.

One must be prepared well enough to pass the exam on the first try. One must be fast, answer correctly, and not spend too much time searching for formulas on screen. The NCEES exam fee is $225.00 and the Pearson exam center fees is around $100.00 and one day of your time to take the exam. So do not try to guess and fail, retake the exam, pay again and waste your time. Prepare well and pass the first time. Instructors review NCEES formulas and go through many examples in FE (Mechanical) practice exam, many examples and diagnostic exams in PPI Book.
IIT offers 8 week 48 hour seminars covering all subjects for FE (Mechanical). One can register for any one day or for all 8 days. The FE seminar fee is $95.00/per day. IIT will give a 10% discount ($76.00) for those registering for all 8 days of a semester for a total of $684.00 – $14.25/hour. Please look at the dates, subjects, and names of faculty teaching those subjects.



Spring 2018 Semester

1 31-Mar-18


1. Mathematics 6 Mishra Phoolendra, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, CSUF $95.00 55
2. Probability and Statistics 25
13. Computational Tools 8
2 1-Apr-18


14. Engineering Economics 3 Jeremy Redman, Ph.D. Lecturer, Civil and Construction Engineering, CSULB $95.00 27
15. Ethics and Professional Practice 17
7. Materials 3 Mahdi Yoozbashizadeh, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, CSULB 52
3 7-Apr-18


6. Statics 6 Mishra Phoolendra, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, CSUF $95.00 28
8. Mechanics of Materials 29
4 8-Apr-18


3. Fluid Mechanics 3 Feike Leij, Ph.D. Lecturer, Civil and Construction Engineering, CSULB $95.00 50
10. Dynamics 3 Saeid Janani, M.S. Lecturer, Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering, CSULB 37
5 15-Apr-18


7. Material Processing 6 Mahdi Yoozbashizadeh, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, CSULB $95.00 __
11. Mechanical Design and Analysis 54
6 22-Apr-18


9. Electricity and Magnetism 3 Aftab Ahmed, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, CSULB $95.00 36
12. Measurement, Instrumentation, and Controls 3 Ehsan Barjasteh, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, CSULB 24
7 29-Apr-18


4. Thermodynamics 6 Surajit Roy, Ph.D. Asst. Prof., Mechanical Engineering, CSULB $95.00 68
8 6-May-18


5. Heat Transfer 3 John Hsu, Ph.D. Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering, CSULB $95.00 30
10. Kinematics and Vibrations 3 Saeid Janani, M.S.  Lecturer, Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering, CSULB __
48 Full 8 Day Seminar with 10% Discount ($76.00 off) $684.00 540